Band Bio

404_Error is an Akron/Kent,OH based band that formed in 2006. They started out in a band called God'2 R3tarded Comp4ter. The guitarist left and the Drummer and Keyboardist formed 404_Error. DucKy(Keys/Awesome N oise) and Orange Claymore(Drummer) then went on a three year war path of spaztic 8-bit rock gigging around Kent, Akron and the Cleveland area. Over their reign of noise terror they fisted out 2 full length albums and a mini-album. Their sound is a world full of computers and video game beats and noises done with Drums & Keyboards. 404_Error was created by an artist and an experimental musician. Orange played guitar for Crackwhore Magazine, Stevie Cut Grandpa, Driver Banana Unit 0 and Ducky had special appearences with Crackwhore Magazine, plus featured E-comics. Some also think that these are the same guys in AM Surfer, they just go by different names(Johnson & Brent). They also had a side project called "ChaInsAw" with Ex-HTO member Joe Boneless. Find all bands at Redslime.com

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