Dec. 17, 2011:  This site has been updated with all their music. I, Orange Claymore, maintain this site. This was the first band I was able to get together when I moved to Kent, OH back in 2004.
Jan. 4, 2005:  Crackwhore Magazine calls it quits after numerous unreliable drummers, and ashamed of the ohio music(boring) scene to which they made fun of. They will be missed for their songs and views on music.
Nov. 28, 2004:  Photos from a Halloween Show. Live at The Shed.


[Words by Orange Claymore]
I met Donnie at NIT, tech school, and we decided to play together. We went threw many drummers, which sucked. Our music consists of loud guitar drowns and screaming about nothing.

Orange Claymore/guitar and vocals (Sings backup on Molly)

Donnie/bass (Sings Lead on Molly)

Drummer? who really cares. Had a lot.


Blah Blah Blah
Carpool Tunnel Syndrome
Maybe I'll Die?
Milli Nilla


MSI - Molly
Vaselines - Molly's Lips
Flipper - Sex Bomb Baby

This was one song that was recorded with some chick on drums.
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