Ian Burleson, of 1artroscoe, came over to the Redslime HQ over the weekend to film his 2nd skateboard deck art time-lapse project. It took about 6 hours and a lot of gigabytes. Unfortunately I didn't throw up an HD version of the film this time, but I think 480p is just fine. Enjoy our second time-lapse video. Peace and fucking believe. 2012

Ian Burleson, of 1artroscoe, headed over to my head quarters this weekend for a set-up and filming of his upcoming art piece for a new skateboard deck art show here in Akron. We ended up banging this time-lapse out in five hours, but lucky for you we cut it down to 2 minutes. 2012

Here is my new short starring MJ Richards. He was caught creeping. 2011

The video below is me, Orange Claymore, skateboarding while my boy films. Video edited by Orange Claymore. 2011

Here is a quick skateboarding video I made from footage of my neighbor, Ryan, skateboarding at the old Redslime Studios/ (2011)

This is a video Lex and I did within 5 hours - Song and Video - Our project's name was Not Dear Hunter 2010

Stevie Cut Grandpa was a music project that existed in Charlevoix, MI around 2005. The duo, Orang3 & Eah0x, pumped out quite a few albums under the Stevie Cut Grandpa name. Their whole catalog with be posted at Redslime.com. Orange "This was the first cartoon I ever made", "I made this to promote one of our albums and website".