Redslime Studio

Redslime Studio is located right outside Cleveland Ohio. The studio is located in a loft area above the studio's skate park, which includes mini-ramp and 1' fun box. It's a privately owned studio used for musical exploration. If ever invited, please leave your music theory at the door.

Equipment(work in progress):

  • Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
  • Dell XPS Laptop M1730
  • KRK Powered RP6 Monitors
  • Rode NT2-A Condenser Mic
  • 2x Akai Synth Station 49 (one midi controller, the other IPAD VST station)
  • Guitar Hero World Tour Midi Drum Kit
  • Guitar (Late 80's Squire Bullet)
  • S-Com Compression, Digitech Vocal 300, DOD Buzz Box, AX1G Guitar Effects
  • Reaper, FL Studio 11, Sound Forge Pro 11, Cool Edit Pro 2.0, and many VST plugins.